Our Story

Sneaks is a San Diego based brand that is inspired by its West Coast roots and community. In 2017, the company was formed as a sneaker and curated boutique shop by the name of San Diego Sneaks. In 2018, we held The First Annual San Diego Sneaks Summer Classic basketball tournament. We made shirts for all participants of the tournament, and that changed the company's direction forever. Upon seeing how many friends, family, and community members wanted to buy the shirt, the company shifted towards establishing itself as a brand. We took time to grow our brand from the ground up, while supporting it with our sneaker and curated boutique shop. By 2019, we felt we had established the brand and that we wanted to focus all of our energy on making connections with people and continuing to build our brand, rather than making a quick buck from flipping shoes and clothes. From that point, the company began consistently making original clothing pieces and adding to the catalog. While the Sneaks brand and our community continues to grow, our mission is to stay true to our roots and the people who helped us come up, while continuing to push new boundaries in style and expression.